Friday, November 04, 2011


It is obviously seen in the our daily lives, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is relegated as a philanthropic activities.  People always relegated CSR when the company gives a donation to the victims of earth quake, doing such things a social causes and eventually they got a sincere publication from the media.
Doing business with CSR is very different with traditional business. Doing business with CSR means that the businesses-men are running the business with more ethical and act responsibly toward multiple stakeholders and the society at large. In Indonesia many cases have shown the impact of doing dishonorable business conduct was a leading cause of losing the investors, consumers and all the potential outcome. The demonstration against management in Freeport, which was happened recently, showed us how important the company should engage the social responsibility not just in a piece of paper but should be well-planned and implemented.  of Within the weeks , many the consumers of cellular operators have protested against cellular operators because unfairly praxis of business made them loose their phone –credit. They sent their expression of unsatisfactory in the mass media and also NGO. While in USA, the public protested the dishonorable manner of business executives in Wall Street. They shouted criticism and protested against the government. Businesses has failed to demonstrate their performance through good conduct and behavior toward the stakeholders, if this has happened, they would have lose their reputation as well as the customers, investors and chance to grow
CSR is a means of the company to make a dialogue to their stakeholders.  Good management  of CSR is needed and will cause a benefit for the company and the stakeholders.   CSR is needed for a corporations to go beyond their economic and legal obligations, and act responsibly towards multiple stakeholders including society at large.  By better understanding of CSR among practioners especially in Indonesia , therefore it enhance to design a good CSR strategy

Note: this note is a part of my paper, titled CSR as a Dialogue toward stakeloders 

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