Friday, November 04, 2011


Green Public Relations is a sub area in public relations that aimed to communicate environmentally –friendly practices or CSR programs conducted by the companies. The objective of Green PR is enhancing the awareness of brand and reputation or image of corporate. Green PR is not only doing a CSR but also campaign them (CSR) toward the public and persuades awareness of people which accordance to the campaign objectives or program
The research showed that 85% consumers in the world would like to change their habit of consumption for the better future for earth, 55 % would like to promote to others  if there ‘s a social causes behind the product and 41% buying the product because of the social purposes behind the product.
The result showed that their buying decision not only based on price, design and the quality of product but the practices CSR also get more attention from customers
The example of Green PR e.g Body Shop which showed  their commitment since the beginning of their existence toward  to the issue of third world  , like “No Abuse Against Women”, “No Trafficking and No Animal  Testing . Body Shop invites people and society at the large to concern and combat the abuse against women, trafficking and animal testing .  
The action of Body shop  revealed also on their product, not just by their campaign. Tupperware also a good example that they have a campaign and showed their concern on environmental issues by their movement, REDUSE, RE-USE and Re CYCLE
We can start Green PR from our organizations. Not only a big company  can do this. Invite your friends on your community to start do this. Remaja Masjid,  Karang Taruna , a writer club or magazine,  PR Club in your campus can be invited to apply this program. Invite the people around you to join with this. Green PR is  NOT the activity that must be spent a lot of money, but with twisting your creativity and innovation you can find a lured activities of Green PR…

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